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writing and writing and writing some more …

You may have noticed that this last book has taken us a long time to put out. Taking Chances came out early 2015, and here it is, the tail end of 2016, and we’re still working on Deceiving Dragons, which is Riley’s story.


Rita had big goals to finish a lot of books in these last two years, but we’re still plugging away at the same book. It’s very discouraging and frustrating.


Half the problem has been with the story itself. We got to the end of the first draft and felt like the story felt … flat? The romance didn’t click, the action was forced, and the characters didn’t ring true.


So after writing forty plus chapters, we went back to the drawing board to rework the plot and rethink the characters.


Started again and then we hit another another glitch:  we couldn’t pin Dare’s personality down. What’s his motivation? What’s his flaws? We picked answers, started writing again, and when he refused to be pigeonholed, we had to scrap it once again.


Then there was the light bulb moment when we realized his personality and flaws were already weaving into the story. He’s a daredevil with a death wish. We didn’t have to force him into something else.


But the story hasn’t been our only problem. Things have happened in the Webb household. Life has been so busy. I dealt with the loss of a parent. Rita has a new boss at work requiring more of her time and effort. Homeschooling, dance schedules, blah, blah, blah. Then we volunteered for the church Easter play followed by buying a new house, and I got a night job. Rita started college courses, but that actually helps her get more done. Writing makes a great homework procrastination excuse.

Add to all that the fact that God has been taking us on a journey to draw us closer to him. He’s teaching us humility, and we’re learning to take our needs to him in prayer. In the last few months, God has blessed us by helping us when we write. Progress grows and the story feels more cohesive. He gets all the glory for that.


So here we are nearly two years later and only half way through, but we hope what we deliver to you will be worth the wait.

One thought on “writing and writing and writing some more …

  1. Jeanne Voelker

    Hang in there, team! You are making discoveries as you write and that’s always good. This story may take longer, but that doesn’t matter. Undoubtedly, the story will be richer because of the many times you’ve not been satisfied.

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