TJ & Rita Webb

Where have we been?

We haven’t posted in months.


We’re barely been on Facebook.


We haven’t put out any new books in the last 6 months.


But rest assured, we haven’t died!


After Taking Chances released, we were facing major burnout. Lately, it’s been all we can do just to keep up with our writing.


My day job got really busy, and unfortunately we have to pay the bills. 


TJ’s taken up a weekend job to help us make ends meet, especially since our oldest daughter has joined the Dance Competition Team this year.


So anyway, here’s just a little bit of book news from us:


    • Riley was supposed to be our next book, and we’ve renamed it Deceiving Dragons since we were kinda playing with a female Pinocchio theme.


    • We’re almost done with our Round Two of writing this bad-girl book! Hoping to send it to the editor in November. Releasing it in December / January. This is about 6 to 9 months behind schedule.


    • We’re putting together a new super secret project. This is outside the world of Jason & Emma, Hunter & Angelina, and Dare & Riley, but it still has magic and romance. And a whole lot of darkness. We wanted to start blogging again regularly, and so we came up with a story that we thought we could give you in pieces while we finish up Deceiving Dragons and then work on the next Jason & Emma story.


  • We’re working on getting full covers for Playing Hooky & Breaking Angelina in order to put the paperbacks up for sale! Woot!

To go with the new name for our next book, we made a new cover:

Old Riley Cover

Old Riley Cover

New Riley Cover:  Deceiving Dragons

New Riley Cover: Deceiving Dragons

So which one do you like better?


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