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Webb Pets and the Faith of Children

calico kitty named Custard sleeping under the bed

calico kitty named Custard sleeping under the bed


When Kid #1 was little, she had this white stuffed-animal kitty that she carried with her everywhere … and frequently lost. I taught her to pray that God would help her find it, and every time she lost it, she would find it shortly after praying.


Except for the last time. We searched and searched but still couldn’t find it.


About a month or two later, it was a cold December day, and I brought home some empty boxes. A friend of ours asked us to put them in our recycle bin since they didn’t have recycling where they lived. After going inside, I asked TJ to get the boxes out for me, and he went outside.


Five minutes later, I get a phone call on my cell.


“Come outside,” he said. “And don’t bring the kids.”


I was imagining dead bodies (did I hit something???) or some other similar atrocity. I opened the front door, and there he stood with a kitten perched on his shoulder. You should’ve seen his face — a mix of bewilderment and horror.


What do you do when someone comes to your doorstep asking for help? Human or animal, I believe we should help, so I scooped her off his shoulder and carried her inside. He told me later he had crouched down when he heard a meow and she had dashed out of wherever she was hiding and jumped up onto his lap and then onto his shoulder. Considering how timid she is of strangers now, that was quite a miracle in and of itself. 


Kid #1 promptly named her Custard. The faith of children brings amazing gifts to your doorstep. Custard is still with us (sleeping at my feet right now) and she loves to get in the way while we’re writing, often sitting on our laptops and getting persnickety if we try to keep typing.


baby Diamondback Terrapins sunning themselves

baby Diamondback Terrapins sunning themselves


Kid #2 has been praying for 2 or 3 years that she could have TWO turtles. She saved and scraped her money together to buy everything she would need — tank, filters, rocks — and she read all about how to take care of them, like what they eat, what they need, how to clean their tanks. Finally, this last March, the tank and supplies were ready, and she had enough money to buy ONE turtle. It would be $60 for turtle and shipping.


We made the purchase over the internet and it would be sent overnight via live shipping. When the turtle came, everyone squealed in delight. The turtle was beautiful and oh so tiny!


By some impulse, Kid #2 reached into the empty bag and found a SECOND turtle. She’d been praying for two turtles, and when she could only purchase one, the turtle dealer sent her two. We didn’t ask for two. He did it all on his own. Anyway, their names are April and Casey.


Isn’t God awesome?


Now we’re looking for a dog … I kinda like Alaskan Malamutes.


What kind of pets do you have?

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