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Taking Chances release date + why Rita’s hair is turning white



I have a white streak or two in my hair. Maybe it’s because I’m turning 40 this year (yikes, I don’t feel that old!) Or maybe it’s Taylon playing with his magic spells again (if so, he could’ve picked a better color).


But really, it’s been a hard year for us. It all started Thanksgiving 2013 when, one by one, each member of our family got this horrible cold. Five days of fever + five days of having no voice + weeks to recuperate. My tonsils felt like the size of golf balls. It was horrid.


Then December brought bladder infections and the stomach flu while we were trying to release Breaking Angelina.


Breaking Angelina’s sales were as horrid as golf-ball-sized tonsils. Only smaller. We gave away 30 or more ARC copies and only got 10 reviews. We had parties, teaser graphics, blitzes, and book tours, but saying sales trickled in is exaggerating how many books actually sold. Disappointing. Frustrating. Discouraging.


And then January — on the day of our 13th wedding anniversary — we had to rush a child with a high fever and a kidney infection to the hospital. Five days later, we bring her home and start wondering how we’re going to pay $5000 to the hospital. Ugh, that was $5000 AFTER insurance paid their part. 


A week later, another child had 3 days of vomiting, likely something she picked up in the hospital waiting room.


February, we were burned out on marketing and so started revamping how we do business. This meant creating a new website, setting up a newsletter, writing better blog posts, revamping all of our social media, and studying everything we could on marketing. Putting out Taking Chances when nobody would buy would be a waste of time. We needed to work smarter not harder, and so we pushed ourselves to learn and improve.


In the meantime, we continued to get random illnesses once or twice a month. We couldn’t get a break!


And then we found out that TJ’s dad’s body was rejecting his lung transplant he had had about five years ago. He was deteriorating fast, and none of us were ready to lose him. He was always strong, stubborn, and full of life. Losing him was just … wrong. So around illnesses, we visited Papa and Memaw several times over the spring and summer. We wanted every last chance we could get.


We lost Papa in August. Heartbroken, we went to the funeral in Pennsylvania while I had a fever and a scratchy throat, which ended up in bronchitis that lasted 6 weeks. I have food issues (8 food allergies + a gluten intolerance), and all the travel led to breaking the food rules, which led to a lowered immune system.


And in the midst of all of this, I still went to my day job and still worked on writing and marketing and all the stuff you have to do to run a business and still did my best to take care of my home and still helped TJ with the homeschooling every chance I got.


With all of that, we finally finished the first draft in September, sent the revised copy to the editor in October, and started planning our release. OMG, it’s been a hard year.


That all being said, we are now setting our Taking Chances (which I had thought we’d have out last spring, and then last summer, and then this fall) release date to …


January 7, 2015


Party, blog tour, thunderclap, release blitz will actually happen on February 9th. This way, we’ll have one month of giveaways and partying for loyal fans before we make the big release announcement to the world, and we’ll have extra time to build up reviews before the big day.


Stay tuned for ARC signups next week! On January 7th, we’ll be gifting 100 copies to fans.

7 thoughts on “Taking Chances release date + why Rita’s hair is turning white

  1. Kimberly Landry

    I understand what y’all have been going through. We have had a very difficult 2 years. And I received a free copy of BREAKING ANGELINA and it took me a while to get it because yahoo…they blocked me from my account….anyway I am almost finished reading it and I promise to write a review and I am looking forward to the new one……Love you guys and hope all of our new years are better.

    1. TJ & Rita Post author

      Oh, that sucks that you’ve had such a hard 2 years, Kimberly! Hope it gets better soon.

      And thank you for reading and eventually giving us a review. <3 You are awesome!

  2. Julie Tose

    I’m glad things are on track for you guys. I know how you feel my family has a rough year as well. Its slowly coming together. You guys are awesome writers and a great family. I hope to see more your books in the near future.

    love Julie

  3. Michelle Willms

    I’m so sorry you’ve had such a horrible year. I’ll buy a copy of Breaking Angelina and review it…I’m behind on all my reviews, but you and TJ are priorities for me. My heart goes out to you. I understand about the food allergy thing, too (I have the same problem, added to my already nonexistent immune system) – traveling and visiting, especially during times of crisis seems to always bring out the worst in the food regime, doesn’t it? I am so sorry about your papa. My heart hurts for your loss.

    I’m here for all the marketing, etc., for the next book. My blog is your blog. I’ll do whatever I can to help. Please use me however I can best be used to help you. I mean this, my friends.

    Rita, TJ, you and your dear family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Neena Christianson Martin

    I just finished Breaking Angelina, and loved it, and can’t wait for Taking Chances to read more about Jason and Emma, but I NEED more Hunter and Angelina! I hope you will be taking up more on their story soon. I will be waiting to enjoy more of your books, they are so good.

    1. TJ & Rita Post author

      Just yesterday, TJ and I were talking about having another Hunter & Angelina book! Their story isn’t quite done.

      Currently we’re working on Riley’s story as we wait for our editor to finish up with Taking Chances. Then we’ll have another Jason & Emma story (“Chasing Shadows”), followed by Hunter & Angelina (currently unnamed).

      Then after that, there’s two more Jason & Emma books to finish the series!

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