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Prophecies of the Mad Dragon box set! Now Available!

Prophecies of the Mad Dragon Box Set

Dragons prepare to invade Earth

… while the foolish humans sleep,
unsuspecting in their beds.

All 3 books for only $7.99!

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The Story

My name is Rook, and I’ve spent my whole life, sacrificed everything I love, to stop them before it’s too late. Before the Dragons unleash hell on us. My only weapon is a book filled with the rambling dreams of a mad dragon emperor, who foresaw the future and the destruction of two worlds, the death of millions of people and magical creatures alike.
Time is running out. Magical plagues are already loose in the world, devouring everything they see, and the signs foretell the Dragon Emperor will move against us soon.
I’m desperate. Terrified.
I can’t do this alone.
My only chance lies in finding the missing heir to the dragon throne and pushing him to his destiny.
Prophecies of the Mad Dragon is a New Adult Supernatural Thriller, full of dragons, magic, and mayhem.
Books included in this box set:
– Playing Hooky
– Breaking Angelina
– Taking Chances

Read Rook’s story today and find out if she saves the world before it’s too late.