TJ & Rita Webb

Playing Hooky

Playing Hooky cover - image of a pretty girl with brilliant blue eyes and magenta hair

An insane witch,
a missing siren,
a murderous love potion…

Who knew playing a little hooky could be so dangerous?


“Imagine a fairytale filled with adventure
and then throw in a nice yummy dose of New
Adult steaminess and what you have is
Playing Hooky.” ~ YA Book Addict

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The Story

Best friends with benefits? It would never work. We’re both too stubborn, and life has taken us down different roads. I have college and dreams of being a gymnastics coach. Jason’s got his wild adventures … and his secrets.
I can’t resist when Jason shows up at my dorm room with promises of adventure and two tickets to a Paranormal Circus: full of misfits and monsters, swamp hags and Manticore, elves and faeries. A world where magic is real, unicorns have vicious tempers, and the creatures tremble in fear of the Ring Master.
When we discover an empty cage and I offer to find the missing siren, I think we’ll be off on another fun adventure, playing hooky from real life as we did as kids. But our search takes us through the paranormal underbelly of Anchorage, only to discover that we walked into a trap and I might lose Jason forever.
It’s too late to be more than friends. My heart is ripping in two, and I would sacrifice everything to rewind time, to save him from the evil spell.

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