TJ & Rita Webb

new book covers

We have been working hard on rebranding the Prophecies of the Mad Dragon series. This started because I paid our cover artist to change the eBook into a full cover, but she never delivered the full cover copy.


So I suggested to TJ that we make our own full cover and redo the eBook cover to match it. Kinda hard to retroactively turn an eBook into a full cover. Harder still if you try to work off of someone else’s artwork.


We happened to find the same stock image our cover artist had used, so we purchased it to make it similar to the original. No white unicorn this time though. The total effect is darker, and there’s a dragon. I love the new font too.


Playing Hooky cover - image of a pretty girl with magenta hair


What do you think? 


And the next books in the series are almost done — Breaking Angelina, Taking Chances, Deceiving Dragons …


I can’t wait to put them up side by side here on the website and on Amazon.


Good news:  Paperback will be available on Amazon soon!

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