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Flowerbeds and Hobbies

I’ve been learning in my life the importance of counting my blessings, the peace of contentment, and the beauty of flowers!


When TJ and I started dating / got married (it was so long ago that it seems like the same thing now), I had about 30 indoor plants. No kidding. And all of them were thriving, exuberant, green. I had a cactus (named him Spike) that went from three inches to about as tall as me.


After moving cross country and then moving back, I had to get rid of all my plants. Then we had kid #1, followed quickly by kid #2, and then followed just as quickly with kid #3. I had no time or mental capacity for plants or flowers or gardening, but that didn’t stop me from asking for plants for Mother’s Day every year or reading gardening books or buying pots and dirt.


A year ago, we moved into our new house, and I daydreamed about gardens and patios, apple trees and flowers. But there’s been problems:


Problem #1:  We don’t have dirt. Because the house is newly constructed, we have rocks and clay.


Problem #2:  I bought a compost bin to fix the dirt problem, but the compost bin let in all the rain and didn’t drain it. My compost smelled like raw sewage. Gah.


Problem #3:  After paying for the move, buying a new fridge and new bed, buying new curtains and blinds and rugs and towels, we didn’t have the money to do any gardening.


So now a year later, TJ and the girls spent at least $100 to buy me flowers. Even though we didn’t have a flowerbed ready, we put them in the ground right away. Somehow, it always seems as if my new plants sit in pots for the rest of the summer and slowly die because I never have the time to finish the job.


All this said to say that we now have a flowerbed with flowers! I really feel that this is God being good to me.


Pretty Blue Butterfly Flowers

Pretty Blue Butterfly Flowers


Tiny Blue Flowers

Tiny Blue Flowers


Balloon Flowers

Balloon Flowers


Then we went back to Lowe’s a week later to get mulch, and you won’t believe what happened! Tons of flowers were on clearance the week after Mother’s Day! Many of these plants had wilted flowers, but the green parts were still healthy. I bought about $50 more for about $10! I was so excited. Went home, got them in the ground, and suddenly my measly flowerbed started looking like something beautiful.


I found some rocks in my yard, and I started using them to edge the flowerbed. Some were large, like bigger than my head, and some were as small as my fist. However, they only surrounded about a third of the bed. Which was such a shame. I didn’t have the money to go out and buy rocks.


So I prayed, “Lord, it sure would be nice to have enough rocks to go all the way around.”


TJ was helping me with the garden, and he said, “I betcha that every spot in this yard where the grass didn’t grow is because there’s a rock under it.”


Sure enough. We found a ton of rocks. Just enough to surround the entire flower garden.


Thank you, God, for all your good gifts. God is good.

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