TJ & Rita Webb

Prophecies of the Mad Dragon

Earth and Drakon — two worlds living side by side.

But as the Emperor of Drakon grabs for power, the inhabitants flee to Earth, hiding among us, living like humans. They may be your neighbor, covered with a glamour, or you might pass them on the street. You smile at them in the grocery store, and your children go to school with them.


Emma and Jason have encountered a few such creatures, and they step in to investigate when things go wrong and the police can’t figure out the problem.



Book Titles

The books in this series are in the following order:

1     Playing Hooky

2     Breaking Angelina

3     Taking Chances

4     Deceiving Dragons (Coming Soon!)

5     Untitled #5

6     Untitled #6

7     Untitled #7


Book Covers

Playing Hooky cover - image of a pretty girl with brilliant blue eyes and magenta hair Breaking Angelina cover - beautiful blonde woman screaming behind broken glass Taking Chances cover - handsome man with dark hair kneeling, a ball of magic in his fist
Deceiving Dragons cover - beautiful woman with black hair wearing leather, sitting in a hoop, magic swirling behind her