TJ & Rita Webb

angels and demons

So what have we been up to lately? Other than writing, that is.


Well, we were in the Easter play for our church. TJ played the role of a demon (as shown in the picture of above). He spent months, usually giving at least 10 hours a week, to practice his part, which including some intense choreography and fight scenes with the angels. They went all out with makeup and costumes. The audience was actually afraid to greet them after the performance, and one of the demon girls was LOCKED out of Starbucks when she went for a coffee run before the performance.


I was a townsperson who got stabbed in the stomach. That’s my claim to fame. I got to die on stage. Sorry, we didn’t get any pictures of me.


Overall, the experience was a lot of fun and extremely exhausting. The week of the performance, I worked a 40 hour week + put in 30 hours of practices and performances.


How was your Easter?

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