TJ & Rita Webb

all our beauties and imperfections

TJ and Rita in their office, a messy pile of papers on their deskHere we are, messy desk and all.


Hey, life has been busy, busy, busy!!!


Around all the revamping work (blog, book covers, website) that we’ve been doing, I am starting to make this house we’ve lived in for a year and a half into a home. Obviously, this effort hasn’t made it to the office yet. We need paint, pictures on the wall, a clean desk, an organized hutch … 


I can’t wait for it to be done! When I get things cleaned up, I’ll post pictures of the office again.


Though my daughter told me to warn you that it might take a while.


In the meantime, here’s the mantel and my plant stand in the living room, so you can see what good progress we’ve made in other areas. As you might be able to tell by the pictures and statuary on the mantel, I like elephants and TJ likes wolves. Took us forever to find just the right W to go on the mantel.


a white mantel with a wolf picture and an elephant picture, both on a black canvas

an engraved, wooden W with by a flower pot with two wolf figurines and two elephants holding trunks and a flower

iron bookshelf holding lots of plants or and birdhouses and books, very colorful